golden USB rechargeable Dual  ARC usb lighter

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golden USB rechargeable Dual  ARC usb lighter

Product Abstract:

golden USB rechargeable lighter ARC usb lighter

Product Description

2016 hot usb cigarette ARC lighter rechargeable lighter 

2016 hot usb cigarette lighter Features:
1. Fashion Design.
2. Powered by a rechargeable battery and can be charged by USB, no gas/fuel is required.
3. Electrically operated and environmentally friendly, not create a flame.
4. Windproof and use intense heat to light cigarettes, can light a cigarette in any weather, perfect travel gadget.
5. Charging Type: USB 6. Condition: 100% Brand New
Package: 1 x USB Electronic Lighter

>>>Tips: Charge 2 hours, can be used about 300 times, life: rechargeable 300-500 times.        

with a 5-second off the automatic protection function, when you first time use it normally takes one or two times to spot a cigarette, after using it three days, once done. (time is designed).  

>>>Attention: If the ignition in ash please put down, or blow it, do not clean up with a hard object, avoid getting off the heating wire,  Heating wire won't burn out, please be assured that use

Size :71.5*35*12 mm(±1mm)


This cigarette lighter comes with a USB charging interface, USB model, don't have U disk storage function.

 More than 100pcs can print personal Logo  

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